Killswitch Engage — Starting Over

08.06.2009 от Rulaf

Killswitch Engage

30 июня на Roarunner выйдет новый альбом Killswitch Engage «Killswitch Engage».

Диск продюсировал Brendan O’Brien (AC/DC, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE), сопродюсер — гитарист Adam Dutkiewicz.

На MTV есть уже клип песни «Starting Over»:

UPD: новый альбом Killswitch Engage

Трэк-лист нового альбома Killswitch Engage:

01. Never Again
02. Starting Over
03. The Forgotten
04. Reckoning
05. The Return
06. A Light In A Darkened World
07. Take Me Away
08. I Would Do Anything
09. Save Me
10. Lost
11. This Is Goodbye

Bonus tracks (deluxe edition):
12. In A Dead World
13. My Curse [Live]
14. Rose Of Sharyn [Live]
15. Holy Diver [Live]

Disc Two — DVD (deluxe edition):
01. «Making Of» Footage
02. Interviews

Текст песни
Killswitch Engage — Starting Over

Do you remember what we used to have
As if all our dreams were possible
All that is destined was you and I
But distance has torn us apart
Forgive me for everything iv done wrong
Lead me back to where my heart belongs
Can we start again
Go back in time to where we started
Can we start again
What we have cant be discarded
Do you remember the promises we made
But somehow we have lost our way
Take me back to where our heart belongs
Forever grateful everyday
I know that you doubt my words
I swear there will never be regrets
Can we start again
We thought love was everlasting
Can we start again
What we had just cant be wasted
Silence that were broken
And words that cant be taken back
But you mean so much more to me
Than anything.. Anything I have ever known
And this is the hope for tomorrow
That today you will return
Can we start again
Go back in time to where we started
Can we start again
What we had cant be discarded
Can we start again
Do you remember
Can we start again
Can we start again
Go back in time to where we started..

skull — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — skull

Killswitch Engage в Москве — 13.10.07

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